thegirl20 asked: Smash.


And you call me a bad person.

5 favorite characters:

  1. Ivy
  2. Bernadette Peters
  3. Julia’s Scarves (RIP :( )
  4. Ivy’s Boobs
  5. Green Body Suit

3 OTPs:

  1. Ivy/Actually Singing
  2. Ellis/Vague Sexuality
  3. Rebecca Duvall/Peanuts

Funniest character: Intentionally funny? I don’t know. But Julia’s son.

Prettiest character: Ivy.

Most badass character: Ivy.

Character I’d like as my BFF: Anyone but Julia.

Character that’s ruined my life: Karen Cartwright, because co-workers actually want to talk to me about how great she is. Ughhh.

  1. lookslikeicavedfml said: omg that last one: get a new job imo
  2. thegirl20 said: Ivy’s boobs should be higher on that list. Honestly. But points for Rebecca Duvall/Peanuts.
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